THE SCHRILLO COMPANY - Manufacturer of ball screws, acme screws, jackscrews, lead screws, & linear actuators

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held on a production basis has been an operating characteristic of our plant from the start. Years of experience in the manufacture of gauges, instrument quality ball bearing screws, and gear box assemblies is reflective of our abilities in this regard.

coupled with a dedication to produce the finest products available provides a maximum value to the customer. Moreover, our manufacturing experience facilitates job estimating that represents realistic pricing and delivery.


in manufacturing techniques lessens the need to subcontract work which allows greater control over the production process. Our services, among others, include gear hobbing and shaping, milling, turning, and electrical discharge machining. Modern equipment representing the latest technology in CNC milling, turning, whirling, and spark erosion machinery is used to its full advantage. 

which make use of our specialized manufacturing skills and techniques are available to all of our customers. In this regard,an open, interactive relationship in terms of design and manufacturing support is maintained in order to accommodate specific needs.

along with fine workmanship expresses the aesthetic aspects of a particular product and guarantees that the best effort possible has been put forth. Hence the end results of our manufacturing efforts are indeed worthy of the phrase: "Products of Distinction".


are absolutely essential for manufacturing precision products in an efficient manner. Countless benefits are realized as a concientious effort is employed by all to maintain cleanliness. In addition, our entire facility is temperature controlled, minimizing thermal effects.


standards of the highest caliber are maintained in order to insure consistency with the stringent requirements that the aerospace industry necessitates. Our inspection department is both temperature and humidity controlled. Our quality control system is based on ISO-9000 and we are compliant to AS-9100 and Boeing D6-82479.

The Schrillo Company
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